National Lorry Week 11th-16 September 2017

RHA’s third annual National Lorry Week is back – it’s your chance get the UK to #LoveTheLorry!

Be sure to visit to find an event near you!

To celebrate, we asked our drivers why they love their lorries:

“ I love my lorry because it allows me to see the world whilst getting paid”

“ I love my lorry because I can be my own boss during the day, meet people and be out and about rather than sat in an office”

“I love my lorry because it pulls well- just like the driver!”

“ I love the early morning start’s in my lorry because the sunrise views can be incredible and I wouldn’t usually catch them otherwise”

“ I love my lorry because it is well maintained by BCW commercials on site here at P2P which means I always feel safe on the road”

“I love my lorry because it is my home from home”

Comment below and let us know why you love your lorry!


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